Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to school

Back to school! 

While all the classrooms are adorably adorned with Pinterest-inspired decor, I’m feeling bad about my minimal preparation. There are cardboard boxes everywhere, and all the cables and odds and ends which came out of the old space are still around.  I don’t have any place to put it all, frankly. The library isn’t in the best location this year. We’re in what was the shop in the vocational building, where
  • the floors are cement, and my hips and knees are already feeling it.
  • the walls don’t go to the ceiling, so the noise from the bookkeeper, nurse, and the front office ricochets around, which is fatiguing.
  • several bookcases splintered in the move, so our remaining shelves are tight.
  • when the air conditioning kicks on, the noise from the compressor is startling. I don’t think there’s much, if any insulation here, either. There is a big rolling door which is all that divides much of the space from the outside…I’m dreading winter.

The construction crew has broken ground on the new academic building. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that, this time next year, we’ll be in that glorious space. 

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