Friday, October 25, 2013

Good things

I was not going to run for the American Library Association Executive Board. I only have one more year on Council, and while I thoroughly enjoyed my time sitting in on those sessions, I didn't plan on running again.

Then I realized that the nomination I'd received was actually only for the five-month remainder of new AASL Director Sylvia Norton's term. So I said I'd do it -- a school librarian to replace a school librarian type on that Board, seemed logical.

Then I saw the other candidates -- none school librarians, but all people better suited that than me.

Then I started getting the emails about the election, and campaigning, and the Candidate's Forum, and nomination from the floor, all from the Council listserv.

Then a very fortunate thing happened -- I was appointed by YALSA President-elect Chris Shoemaker to the ALSC/Booklist/YALSA Odyssey Committee.

Not only is this thrilling because it will enable me to listen to a lot of audiobooks and simultaneously feel productive, but because that committee service puts me at the limit of possible ALA commitments.

So I'm no longer on THAT ballot, so I don't have to pen a candidate's statement, or be barraged with the first three questions from the floor at the forum, or compete against colleagues I utterly respect.

What a relief!

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