Thursday, May 1, 2014

What a feeling

Almost a week later, I'm only now getting over our state conference. I hosted, presided, and also presented. Here's the slidedeck for the presentation on Metaliteracy that Carolyn Starkey and I gave last Wednesday morning.

And for the record, I always want to present at the outset of a conference...even after the late-ish "welcome event," it was so much better than fiddling with it the whole time.

Friday morning, I took the oath of office and received the Association gavel, so I'm officially the point-person for our state's ALA affiliate.

I can't thank all of the terrific people on the conference committee enough. And we're planning even better things for next year...

I spent the weekend crashed out with Maeve Binchy's Chestnut Street, than I have the school year to wrap up and a library to move into our terrific new digs.

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