Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leading & Learning, the Alabama School Librarian, & ALA Elections

If you're an ISTE member, you might have seen the March/April issue of Leading and Learning with Technology, where the incredible Lisa Perez showcased some cutting edge librarians -- Joyce Valenza, Keisa Williams, Chad Lehman... and me. Such august company!

Look inside >
16 17
Not Your Grandmother's Library!

Then my co-librarian Carolyn Jo Starkey cataloged every nook and cranny of our facility for a new feature for the Alabama School Librarian's Spring Issue. It's sort of like having strangers come over and peek in your closets, but I am all for transparency (click through to see the document reader below if it's not visible via rss).

In other news, the ALA elections opened today. I'm on the ballot for Council. I was thrilled to find I made Sarah Houghton-Jan's recommendations. I plan on penning a post with my own picks soon, but in the mean time am rather in awe of Bobbi Newman's ability to harness social media for her own Council bid. That gets my vote!

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