Saturday, March 5, 2011

What I'm Up To...

Things really ramped up beginning with the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library system staff day on February 21. I was really delighted to share the work of the most progressive school librarians with our public librarian colleagues. There were lots of really interesting comments and questions after each of the two sessions, too.

I have been getting ready for two Internet @ Schools East presentations in just a couple of weeks. One, with Angela Carstensen, Frances Harris, and Laura Pearle, highlights building digital collections. The second, with Carolyn Starkey, talks about ebooks in schools. I have heard good things about the conference and am looking forward to it.

April, we will have our state library association convention. It's at the beach. I'll be talking some more about ebooks.

So, it's obvious I've been playing a lot with ebooks and ereaders. I have been using the Pandigital Novel to read Adobe Editions from both Netgalley and the public library via Overdrive. I had to take the iPad to the Apple store for a restore, trying hard not to want the new one. I haven't turned on the Kindle in a couple of weeks, but I did download the Send to Kindle extension for Chrome today, so I should have that, some subscription pieces, and a dozen samples waiting for me...I discovered the whole, which, along with pagination, is ghettoizing readers based on Kindle version. I did wish I had that extension to publish the piece of student work using that extension I read yesterday instead of transfering it via USB, a la Kristin Fontichiaro's piece. He would have been tickled.

I have been watching the #hcod kerfluffle with something approaching schadenfreude. I went through my access-versus-ownership crisis with digital music, and the movie and television shows I thought I bought from iTunes in 2006. I can testify that many books in my library circulate 26 times in a semester. This is a dangerous precedent, so I am glad librarians are not acquiescing without a fight.

I've also been working on my dissertation. Keep your fingers crossed for me -- I have the tiniest bit of momentum up now and am trying to propel myself towards the end. Shocking spoiler: students with low family socioeconomic status tend to use the library twice as much.

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  1. I can't wait to hear more about your presentation. We have so much to learn -- and so quickly -- from one another. As a fellow NetGalley fan, I wanted to thank you for mentioning The Girls' Guide to Homelessness, which I promptly requested. What a story!