Current conference presentations

I love speaking to teachers and librarians, and these are topics I am particularly enthusiastic about:

Future-Proofing Your School Library
In the era of dispensable librarians, there are some easy, digitally-enabled ways to make yourself the school's lead information broker and technology point-person. Discover ways to increase your program's profile, integrate information literacy and real-world technology skills, improve the range of resources available for your students, boost your circulation, and increase both student and teacher door count.

The Librarian as Technology Leader: One Dozen Ways to Create An Information-Rich, Technologically-Enhanced School Culture
Online applications can create real opportunities for global connectedness, offer opportunities for authentic information literacy, and showcase student work and learning. Learn about ways to keep your students in the swim of things with an emphasis on free applications and lowest-common-denominator hardware solutions.

Reading with Google: Search and Embed Google's Books, Scholar and RSS Reader in Your Library
Dip into the world of electronic reading using the rich trove of content available via online application. The Google Certified Teacher will present tips and techniques for identifying and accessing the content you and your students want for reading on and offline, on any web-enabled mobile device, and using dedicated e-readers.

Finding Not Searching: Ultimate Google Strategies to Find Whatever You Are Looking For
We know “google” has entered the common lexicon to represent any internet search. But are you getting the most out of your own googling? Learn how to search the deep web for particular file types, return content from specific sites, and set up custom searches from a Google Certified Teacher. We will explore the ever-changing interface and spend extensive time on image searching. Bring your perennial research quandaries and we will tackle them together!

All Access to YA Authors!
Keeping abreast of the ever-changing must-reads in young adult literature has never been easier, thanks to web-based technologies that connect librarians and young readers with beloved writers. Hear from authors about free Skype visits and learn about the many online mechanisms to keep you on the cutting edge.

Ereading in the School Library
Many school libraries are considering incorporating digital books in their collections. But there are myriad considerations to bear in mind before you take that plunge. This session will contrast a range of dedicated ereader hardware and ebook formats, including ways to incorporate free public domain works and creating your own digital texts.

Top Tech Trends for School Libraries (for librarians)
With so many digital resources around, it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Investigate a range of the best and latest web-based tools to spice up technology integration school-wide and explore a range of online resources help serve students’ and teachers’ digital needs, with an emphasis on free resources.

The Latest Wave of Web-based Tools (for teachers)
With so many digital resources around, it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Investigate a range of the best and freshest web-based tools to spice up technology integration in your classroom and explore a exciting range of new web-based resources, with an emphasis on free sites.