Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Social Reading Experiment

I participated in Mother Reader's Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge, albeit in a completey spontaneous and uncoordinated way. It was too difficult for me to differentiate reading time from time spent multi-tasking, especially as far as screen time was concerned, so I stopped trying, relying instead on approximate start times and end times for each volume.

Among my 7 books were one re-read and one false start, as well as one comic under the page limit established in the guidelines. I wish I had planned ahead and coordinated reading with some friends, but I enjoyed tweeting back and forth about Meg Rosoff. It is interesting to look at the results on the social web, and the tiniest bit jealous-making to see people reading Catching Fire. The crazy thing is that while I read 1606 pages, it feels altogether like I spent too much time NOT reading over the weekend.