Friday, January 28, 2011

Getting ready to learn

I am so excited to be at Educon, at the Science Leadership Academy, one of those fantastic student-centered schools which have actually altered the trajectory of my professional life. But I arrived after days spent with an eye on the weather (Philadelphia canceled school for the second day in a row), a sleepless night broken by a 4:00 alarm & a 5:30 flight, minus the two cups of tea on which I have become quite dependent, and after an undignified spill on a spot of ice...but my point is, I wasn't ready to learn. Some of the smartest teachers I know are gathered here, and without a Starbucks stop (and a good look at the back of my favorite coat, now ever so slightly soiled by water and salt), I wasn't up for it...

It makes me come back to school readiness. And not just daily readiness, but preparation for learning, an environment conducive to thought and growth... I keep thinking about Stephen Krashen, and PISA scores.

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