Monday, May 28, 2012

Things I have bought for my kitten

I bought a hair dryer today. It is the first I have owned in more than twenty years, and it is for my kitten.

I have had Dashiell (after Dashiell Hammett, our tiny Tuppence Beresford having been gender re-assigned) for ten days, but he seems to have amassed an astonishing amount of paraphernalia. He even has his own plant, something called cat grass, and his own pink-handled cat nail clippers, though it proved better to use people clippers instead for his manicure.


Toileting supplies
A litter box with sides and an open top, per Jackson Galaxy
A stopgap plastic serving tray (because the litter box was too deep for him to get in and out of easily)
Two 4 lb containers of litter
Litter box liners
Litter box scoop
Pet wipes

Food supplies
Plastic mat for dishes
Two boxes dry kitten food
Case canned "babycat" food
Three cartons of kitten milk
Chicken-flavored treats
Pet fountain (as yet unused)

Fleece cat bed (though he has appropriated my favorite wool and velvet Pottery Barn throw instead)
Seagrass scratching post
Seagrass, carpet & fabric chaise lounge
Medium dog-sized pet carrier (because we worried the cat carrier wouldn't be big enough)

Three mice toys
A stuffed squeaky monkey
Three dangling toys, one with three interchangeable dangles
Blue plastic cat roulette wheel with corrugated cardboard center, designed to be impregnated with included catnip (very clever)
4 wicker balls with bells inside (biggest hit)

Health and beauty
Two allegedly dander-trapping mats
Allercat wash (brilliant)
Frontline (though he's too small)
$20 veterinary surgical deposit (he was too small)
Washcloths (frozen ones are supposed to be good for teething cats)
A watergun for training (so far just used once when he climbed on the dining room table)

Plus two plastic baskets to hold it all and a dedicated metal garbage can for the litter.

It has been mind-boggling demanding, having this kitten, but quite rewarding nonetheless. I am actually wishing I wasn't going to be away much of June, because he is so beguiling.


  1. Wow. Your kitten is better equipped than my Herd!! Lucky Dashiell to have you as his mom.