Thursday, June 7, 2012

Alabama & Anaheim

Things are going to get a little crazy here for a bit.

For the first time in my memory school went past Memorial Day, ending May 31. Graduation was June 1, and then I went to New York to visit friends, see some shows, do some shopping, and swing by the Javits Center for School Library Journal's Day of Dialog. It reminded me a lot of ALAN, an amazing parade of dazzling authors, including the up-and-comers. It was equally rapidly paced, contained in one room, and full of hyped-up book junkies. In other words, utterly recommendable. While I couldn't stay for BEA proper, because I am still in the middle of a muddle of projects, it was well worth the flying visit.

I'll be on the road again Tuesday, to ASLA. I am really looking forward to this year's program, put together by Elizabeth Hester.

Then there's AETC, our state educational technology then NAETC, the North Alabama regional variant.

Then there's Anaheim for ALA Annual.

And I've been to school three times already (or every school day I was in town), and I have to go back tomorrow.

Schoolteachers get summers off, right?

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