Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Part of the reason I love, love, love to travel is that I'm able to shuck off the stress of always being plugged in and put away my phone and my computer for a few hours. Nonetheless, during my get-away this past weekend, I was describing the current dialogue about the size of ALA Council and its efficacy with my husband, who likened it to the degeneration of discourse online that he is feeling as journalist."Social media is ruining our lives," was actually the way he put it Friday afternoon.

I guess I'm still convinced there's more good than bad in being connected most of the time...and I was tickled to see this digital-divide bridging campaign on buses and signs around the city:

About Connect Chicago:

Connect Chicago is a loose network of more than 250 places in the city where internet and computer access, digital skills training, and online learning resources are available—for free. 
The work of these people in librariescollegescommunity centersworkforce development centers, and public housing help create a vibrant culture of learning, making Chicago more globally competitive and an all-around better place to live and work. 
Connect Chicago is here to help all Chicago residents get connected— no matter where you are in the city, on the skills continuum, or in this universe of access and training providers.
Meanwhile, I haven't heard too much about this recent, radical FCC proposal for free nationwide wifi. That could be a game-changer.

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