Friday, December 20, 2013

So that's what they call my lifestyle?

I have a weakness for books about fashion and about minimalism, especially ones with quirky illustrations. Last weekend, I was reading Savvy Chic, by Anna Johnson, who wrote that book claiming your only needed three black skirts, and there was a section entitled Miracle Money Free Days, where I happened upon this passage:
DAY OF THE BRAINIACS: Read one whole novel (or novella) in a day. You have twelve hours to finish an entire book from cover to cover. Read it at the breakfast table, read in bed, read in the bath, read on the lawn, read of the bus, read at the pool, read on the couch, read on the exercise bike. When you turn the last page, write down all the impressions that rush to mind and then welcome yourself back to the world of nonfiction. 
...aside from the locations and the scale (just one book!), she pretty much describes any day I'm not at school, or at a meeting...I'll have five such uninterrupted days before I leave for our winter vacation, and I'm almost looking forward to those as much as the trip.

Happy holidays, and lots of Days of the Brainiacs to you all.

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