Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tell me, what is SO exciting?

You may have seen these images which are making the rounds from Fast Company, "Is this the school library of the future?"

I, for one, am unimpressed.

I just see NO connection whatsoever between decorating and the quality of connection and student support in school library spaces.

The article offers scant little support for the assertion. So it has presentation equipment? How is that new? Ten years ago, I used to haul around a desktop on a cart and a digital project. I had a very log ethernet cable. Same result.

If "the school library didn't get a lot of use," I really don't see how that will change because of aesthetic improvements (if you can call it that -- this library will date SO quickly.) I put that on the school librarian entirely.

I believe that amazing things could very well have happened in the old space, with the right point-person.

Most of all, I have talked several times about how images of school libraries should always include students.  These don't. And I would rather see a closet filled with active and engaged students than some geometric shelving.

Don't drink the kool-aid, ya'll.

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