Monday, April 6, 2015

Front list reading problems

When you keep seeing reviews and even paid advertisements for a particular book, and you request it via one of those eARC services which can be such a demoralizing process, and then you get approved and try to read it and are just thoroughly nonplussed?

A sort of Easter-y bunny

It sort of calls into question the whole amateur reader-reviewer exoskeleton that is the bookblogosphere... and then if you don't review that eARC, because you can't say anything nice, what will that do to your NetGalley completion stats? These modern conundrums...


  1. My solution is to write a note to the publisher in the review box thanking them for the opportunity to review the book. I mention that it wasn't my cup of tea but that I don't publish negative reviews, so I don't have a link to send them.

  2. Kristin, as always, your solution is elegant and friction-free!