Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Some sisterly love

Will you be at Midwinter? My last dining guide to Philly is sorely outdated, many of my favorite places (Bindi, TBar), going out of business, but here are some suggestions.

I hope everyone will come to the USBBY program at 8:00 p.m. Friday at Loew's Hotel. I've had the privilege of talking with author Maryann Macdonald, who will be speaking, and she is absolutely delightful. This year's Outstanding International Books list will be announced, too, and Bloomsbury Children's Books is planning a nice reception.

I also have ALA Council (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday mornings) to look forward to, and some really fabulous author events on my calendar, too.


Also, an update on the YALSAblog situation: I really appreciate all the gratitude and support from my wonderful colleagues around this. I am really over any hard feelings about it, and hope the division will find someone who will move it in the direction they want, since I just don't think that IS me.

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